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Nov 2, 2009 1:33pm

HVGRC Agility Trial

I decided to head up to New York for the HVGRC golden only trial. I love golden only trials and I knew a lot of Riot’s relatives would be there and it would be fun to see them run. Cisco, Riot, and I headed up to New York after work on Friday night. We got up there just in time for bed.

Saturday temperature wise was not a bad day, but it rained on and off all day with a really windy afternoon. Our first run of the day was Open FAST — our first time running OF. We had a really nice run. It was near perfect with the exception of the teeter being part of the bonus. There was no way Cisco was going to take a teeter 10 feet away from me. I knew that, so I tried it once, and then pulled him back around and made him do it after I had stepped into the bonus area. I was very happy with it.

Our Standard run was gorgeous. Well, with the exception of a refusal on the teeter. The course was table to teeter and I think I should have hung back closer to the teeter and made sure he was committed to taking the teeter instead of assuming he was going to. Even with brining him back around for the teeter, his time was 61.something seconds and course time was 66 seconds! We were well within time for the run and I couldn’t be more thrilled.

Our last run on Saturday was JWW. By this time it was a little slippery out there. So I was a lot more careful running. We had a really nice run. He almost took an off course jump, but I managed to call him off of it — I heard someone say “nice save” as he turned off of it. phew! We finished the run clean and qualified — barely. course time was 40 seconds and his time was 39.43. We got no MACH points for the run, but hey, we Q’d for our 3rd MXJ leg! He did have a couple of wide turns and we wasted probably two seconds with his near wrong course.

Sunday, we again started the day with FAST. We had a really nice run — I got a few compliments on it. I didn’t try to maximize points, just set up a nice smooth flowing path with enough points to Q. We Q’d and got 3rd place and our first OF leg.

Standard was next. And we Q’d!!! This was the first time we Q’d in Excellent Standard (a day, I wasn’t so sure I was going to get to see). He had a really nice run — was a little slow going down on the table and almost missed the last jump, but managed to squeeze it in without a refusal.

The Sunday JWW course was a lot of fun. I really want to set up this course to practice font crosses on (there were 6 of them). I had a feeling we wouldn’t do so hot on this course. Cisco was a lot less motivated on his weaves (the third obstacle), getting a refusal on the first attempt and popping out early on the second. He was also pokey, but overall it really was a nice run. I didn’t support the 3rd jump from the end very well and he missed it and the one after, but that’s okay.

I tried something different with him at the trial. I didn’t try to get him revved up or try and get and keep his attention before his runs. I just let him stand by me and let him look around. I did keep him from sniffing. Once we were the next dog in the ring, I’d ask him if he was ready and get a bit of tail wagging. I also tried to be really upbeat throughout the run. After our run we ran and got his flying squirrel and threw that a few times. I do think he still stresses in the ring, but this routine kept me calmer and he ran better for me. Our last JWW run, I think I was tired too, and didn’t get him or myself pepped up enough beforehand. Who knows if any of this will work at the next trial.

                        ARMBAND                        SAT                        SUN
  STD TRIAL   24082  EXC A  EXC A
         Qualification         N.Q.         QUALIFIED
         Standard Time/Yards         66.00         188.00         65.00         187.00
         Recorded Time   61.53         62.28
         Recorded Score   0         100
         Placement            2
         Qualification         QUALIFIED       N.Q.
         Standard Time/Yards         40.00         151.00         41.00         154.00
         Recorded Time   39.43         46.22
         Recorded Score   100         0
         Qualification         N.Q.         QUALIFIED
         Standard Time/Yards         32.00         0.00         32.00         0.00
         Recorded Time   37.49         27.98
         Recorded Score   0         58
            Placement                       3
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